Thank you Aaron Schwartzbart and Tere for taking my car to Hector's auto shop to get it fixed.  He is an amazing mechanic and very reasonable.  What a blessing!  I took it to 7 mechanics including the Toyota dealer and none could help or agree...

Caren Harville

Hector is the most honest mechanic I know.  He is a walking encyclopedia of year/make/model-specific quirks, recalls and repairs.  Lastly, he supports the anti-street-racing campaign that our ministry operates for the LAPD by offering automotive education and apprenticeships to at-risk youth at neither cost to the taxpayers nor the LAPD.

Aaron Schwartzbart, President, MotorGospel Ministries

Hector is a great guy and has a great business.

Mike Dimarzo, West Coast NASCAR legend

Hector's is great, always look out for customers. I can vouch in case anyone needs a mechanic.

Angel Rodriguez

Honest, trustworthy, friendly repair service with very reasonable prices.

Stewart and Louise Treiling