Thank you Aaron Schwartzbart and Tere for taking my car to Hector's auto shop to get it fixed.  He is an amazing mechanic and very reasonable.  What a blessing!  I took it to 7 mechanics including the Toyota dealer and none could help or agree...

Caren Harville

Hector is the most honest mechanic I know.  He is a walking encyclopedia of year/make/model-specific quirks, recalls and repairs.  Lastly, he supports the anti-street-racing campaign that our ministry operates for the LAPD by offering automotive education and apprenticeships to at-risk youth at neither cost to the taxpayers nor the LAPD.

Aaron Schwartzbart, President, MotorGospel Ministries

Hector is a great guy and has a great business.

Mike Dimarzo, West Coast NASCAR legend

Hector's is great, always look out for customers. I can vouch in case anyone needs a mechanic.

Angel Rodriguez

Honest, trustworthy, friendly repair service with very reasonable prices.

Stewart and Louise Treiling

Hector's Auto Shop is helping me learn more about mechanical engineering.  Hector is very kind and takes time out of his day  to help us learn more about the tools.

Cristobal Jasso

Hector's Auto Shop is a great place to be a part of.

Daniel Alonso